Corporate / Company Profile

Agra Construction means great goal, great vision and missions suitable for these.

Agra Construction which was founded on corporate bases in 2011, serves in construction, contracting, project design, urban transformation subjects in our country.

Agra Construction has completed many projects and constructions such as shopping centers, various service buildings (wedding hall, logistics center, sports hall, etc.), landscaping, business centers and holiday villages by fulfilling all the commitments. The works and references that Agra Construction has completed are the guarantees of future commitments.

The goal of Agra Construction; In the developing world of the 21st century, to become an integrated company which isgrowing up in Turkey and planing to spread to the world. In doing so, it is to act with a service mentality that will meet the basic needs and requirements of the customers and ensure that the investment they make is transformed into value.


Our Values
  • Do the job right
  • Give an opportunity for each idea
  • To be more creative and discover
  • Be aware
  • Continuously improving the knowledge
  • Respect to everyone
  • Trying to find the perfect
  • Walking together to achieve greater success
  • Designing and building with ever-decreasing passion
  • To represent the trust
  • Offering the same quality in all places and all the time
  • To integrate into the future without forgetting the past experiences.